Training Camps

For several years we have run a spring training camp in Mallorca.


Mallorca is popular with cyclists for good reason: its road network offers a great variety of terrain, beautiful scenery and quiet, picturesque villages. It's cycling and cyclist friendly too, catering for every level of cyclist from hardened racer to occasional tourist.

Geographically the island is a diamond shape with a range of mountains along the north west edge, a range of hills close to the east coast, a gentle dome in the middle and plains to the north and south.


The island is dotted with towns and villages, mazes of narrow streets between sand coloured buildings.  Most of the roads go from town to town, so navigating is often a case of finding your way out of a town on the correct road. 
Every village has a cafe or two, often many more.  There's usually one in the square by the church and most of the churches are easy to find because they tower over the other buildings.

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